September 16, 2013

Diamond Candles ~ Cinnamon Roll

The second Diamond Candles giveaway that I won came in the mail earlier this week! I won this giveaway from Sweets and Hearts, thank you again Erica!! It was a bit earlier than I had expected, and was pleasantly surprised.

 This time around I decided to get a fall scent and quickly ordered the Cinnamon Roll candle. Oh my goodness! It really smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. This scent was not as strong as the first candle that I received but it was still delicious & the scent filled the living room. It's really hot in Florida and our fall weather is little to none, this week the heat index has been in the 90's... But this brought just enough touch of "fall" to our home.

I promised my boyfriend this time that he could pull the ring out of this one, and he decided that he was going to wait and not dig it out like I did the first one. We let it burn for a whole day and it was still a bit away from the ring indicator on the side of the candle. The second day it had been burning about half of the day when I just so happened to look over as Jeremy stuck a knife in the candle. I couldn't help but laugh, I guess the anticipation of these candles are just too much!

This was the before and after of Jeremy getting the ring out... It's burned back down evenly since then, and stays in our kitchen, but I couldn't help but continue giggling as he popped the foil wrapped ring out and started dabbing off the wax with a napkin.

Though the ring he pulled out is not real, it is beautiful! This one is a little bit too big for me, which is sad because I absolutely love it! I might try seeking out the ring swap section on the Diamond Candles Facebook page to try to get one that will fit because I'm sure that this ring will make someone a very happy girl!

I am absolutely heave over heels with these candles, I'm about to start ordering ahead of time for Christmas presents for friends and family.

I figured I should also clarify and do a shout out that the candle that I won that I had given away to my best friend was from Desperately Seeking {Gina}, Thanks again Gina!! She loved it! :)


  1. Glad you liked the candle! ^_^
    Oh man, the cinnamon roll scent sounds heavenly!
    I just bought the mango peach for my mom and I can't wait to smell it (and see the ~ring!).

    1. I've seen a few of those floating around Instagram!! I think that one or Sweety Pea will be my next purchase :)
      Hope she gets a good ring!!

  2. Ah! Great ring you found in yours!
    They are really cool and would make awesome Christmas gifts. :)

    1. Thanks!! lol I agree, pretty much a given every female in my life will be getting one of these for the Holidays :) 2 gifts in 1? Yes, please!


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