October 5, 2013


The projected path of the (now) Tropical Depression in the gulf keeps switching directions, but it's been fun watching the remnants of bands from the storm pass through over the last couple of days... To my surprise, it's been pretty sunny! We've had occasional rain showers but it hasn't been anything like they predicted in the beginning, however now it looks like it's heading directly for us. Hahah, like we need anymore rain this year! Remember when our neighborhood was underwater in July?! Yikes!

So anyways, here's some pretty cloud pictures that I've taken over the past two days.


October 3, 2013

Avon - Breast Cancer Crusade

Recently one of my sweet coworkers started selling Avon products... This is my very first experience ordering Avon, & I'm hooked. I've known people who have sold it and even some who have bought it religiously but in the past I have never paid attention to how nice, or affordable, their stuff is.

I figure since it was almost October when I placed my order I should jump on top of Breast Cancer Awareness... My job requires me to wear a uniform so it's not possible to sport a cute pink themed outfit, so I went with the next best thing... I ordered the Breast Cancer Crusade Tennis Bracelet, 2 Breast Cancer Crusade pins for my bestie and I, and since my BareMineral's is, well... bare, I needed a new foundation, I decided to try their Ideal Flawless loose powder.

Breast Cancer Crusade Tennis Bracelet
It's sizable!! I didn't realize at first but if you have a small wrist there's a way to downsize it to fit! :) It's perfect.

Breast Cancer Crusade pins
Perfect! Immediately opened this one and attached it to my uniform shirt.

The whole haul... How sweet is my coworker?
My Avon order even came with a piece of chocolate :)

For all 4 items I paid about $23 with tax... What?! Amazing deal! I'm sitting here now going through the Holiday addition & drooling over just about everything in there. I think my next order will be a few different nail polishes & maybe a dress.
There's a ton of really adorable & well priced jewelry that would make good Christmas presents for friends, family, or coworkers... Or stocking stuffers. I'm also already eyeballing their Christmas decorations! Too early? Never!

September 29, 2013

Diamond Candles! ~ Pumpkin Chai

My 3rd and final (so far!!) Diamond Candles giveaway that I won was from Kristin over at Meet Me on the Bright Side, thank you so much again Kristin for hosting this amazing giveaway!!

I decided this time to go with another fall scent, it's my favorite season. Diamond Candles had just released their Pumpkin Chai scent & it was a no brainer. I quickly ordered it and was not expecting it for a week or so. That Saturday rolled around and I figured it wouldn't be until Monday... To my surprise! My candle arrived (again) a day early.

I think I scared the mail man with how quickly I yanked open the door, before he even got a chance to knock. I quickly pulled it from the packaging and lit it. It smells just like a perfect fall day should! My boyfriend at first was not that big into the scent but once it got burning and filled the house with an amazing Autumn scent, he fell in love.

The first thing I noticed about this candle that was different than the other two Diamond Candles was that the ring indicator was closer towards the top, which meant less burning time before my little treasure appeared! I decided that THIS is it, THIS is the one I will wait to be able to pluck my ring out... And to my surprise, I did not have the urge to dig it out. It burned the rest of the evening and the next morning I lit it again, by mid afternoon it was ready to be taken out.

It was hard to stop to snap this picture because I really just wanted to tear into the foil and see which ring I got this time! I could tell by looking at it outside the foil that it was going to be a little big again, which I'm used to because I have very thin fingers. (Size 5.5) But once I tore it open, I loved it! It is definitely too big, the only finger it kind of fits on is my thumb.

Again it wasn't a $5000 ring and probably not even $100. BUT I love it, green is just perfect for me. My mothers favorite color was green :) I just really wish that it fit! It is not stamped with anything on the inside so I'm certain that it is not able to be re-sized, but it's still pretty :)

I can't wait until the Winter scents come out! Diamond Candles has been releasing more and more fall smells as well. Caramel Apple Cider, anyone?! I've also been eyeballing Sweety Pea & Vanilla Cream!

September 17, 2013

Favorites in Turquoise & Aqua

I believe everyone has their own "happy color". A certain color that makes your day a little brighter by wearing it, or even sporting it on their phone case... My happy colors are definitely Turquoise, Aqua, & Mint... If I pass by a shirt, or a nice bag in these colors it is almost impossible for me to not purchase it.

My mom used to always tell me that the color that suits me best is green, maybe it's the tint of green in these colors that catches my eye. I figured this week I would post a beginning of the week pick-me-up. Here are a few of my color coordinated favorite things!











Do you have a go to color "happy" color?? 

I'll be back later this week for my 3rd Diamond Candles ring reveal!

September 16, 2013

Diamond Candles ~ Cinnamon Roll

The second Diamond Candles giveaway that I won came in the mail earlier this week! I won this giveaway from Sweets and Hearts, thank you again Erica!! It was a bit earlier than I had expected, and was pleasantly surprised.

 This time around I decided to get a fall scent and quickly ordered the Cinnamon Roll candle. Oh my goodness! It really smells like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. This scent was not as strong as the first candle that I received but it was still delicious & the scent filled the living room. It's really hot in Florida and our fall weather is little to none, this week the heat index has been in the 90's... But this brought just enough touch of "fall" to our home.

I promised my boyfriend this time that he could pull the ring out of this one, and he decided that he was going to wait and not dig it out like I did the first one. We let it burn for a whole day and it was still a bit away from the ring indicator on the side of the candle. The second day it had been burning about half of the day when I just so happened to look over as Jeremy stuck a knife in the candle. I couldn't help but laugh, I guess the anticipation of these candles are just too much!

This was the before and after of Jeremy getting the ring out... It's burned back down evenly since then, and stays in our kitchen, but I couldn't help but continue giggling as he popped the foil wrapped ring out and started dabbing off the wax with a napkin.

Though the ring he pulled out is not real, it is beautiful! This one is a little bit too big for me, which is sad because I absolutely love it! I might try seeking out the ring swap section on the Diamond Candles Facebook page to try to get one that will fit because I'm sure that this ring will make someone a very happy girl!

I am absolutely heave over heels with these candles, I'm about to start ordering ahead of time for Christmas presents for friends and family.

I figured I should also clarify and do a shout out that the candle that I won that I had given away to my best friend was from Desperately Seeking {Gina}, Thanks again Gina!! She loved it! :)